Columbus 2.0 (Sevilla, 2008)

Columbus 2.0


Data-driven, interactive installation: projector, software (Java), brick wall, steering wheel



An interactive navigation system, the transformation of Google News into information waves and the illusion of a dynamic, wavy text space: enter "Columbus 2.0". "Columbus 2.0" is programmed so that it’s visualizations are reminiscent of the ocean. This real-time visualization of messages was equipped with a steering wheel as an interface. Users have the opportunity to move it, navigate the sea of ​​information, and experience the boundless information tsunamis and imaginary boundaries between the various languages ​​of the world. Bielicky and Richter address the exponential growth of information, the uncertainty felt when trying to navigate the oceans of information, just as Columbus must have felt insecurity as he began his journey through the unknown waters of the endless ocean