Data Steel (Ostrava, 2015)

Data Steel (Data Dibbuk)


Data-driven installation: software (Java), projectors

Colours of Ostrava

Ostrava, Tschechien

In Jewish folklore a "Dybbuk" is considered a malicious spirit of the dead, often occupying a living body and taking possession of it’s spirit. Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter create a projected data field with animated, floating, wave-like texts from Twitter feeds. The projection flows from all corners into the exhibition room, a whitewashed, former raw material warehouse, somewhere on the ground floor of the Witkowitzer ironworks near Ostrava - an area of ​​6.5 square kilometers of floor space. The ground is sandy and unpaved, the projection of the wave-shaped texts dissolves the perspectival perception of space entirely. In "Data Steel", viewers became eerily caricatures, vivid pictograms in the ocean of data-generated, flowing information.