Garden of Error and Decay (Moskau, 2011)

The more complex, later two web based projects with Kamila B. Richter are The Garden of Error and Decay and the Why Don't We series. The Garden of Error and Decay series takes the text-to-pictogram-converter-algorithms of Falling Times and accompanies it's generated pictograms with the texts that generated them on screen - in a Garden Eden kind of backdrop. Adding the wave-animations of Columbus 2.0 and it's interactive approach, the Garden of Error and Decay series engulfs the exhibition visitor in an information environment ruled by skeletons, warlords and explosions, with the option to stop ("shoot") a pictogram with the joystick mounted in front of the projection: a desperate attempt to lessen it's impact on the world of information (it is displayed smaller if successfully hit). Nevertheless there is a meta information feed overriding all the mentioned interaction and aggregation algorithms at work. This meta information feed is that of the NY stock exchange and influences the dimensions the messages and pictograms are displayed in a far greater way, to a point where the interaction of the visitor does not count at all. The Garden of Error and Decay was displayed in Wuhan (2009), Moscow (2011), Vienna (2011), Vienna (2012), Seoul (2013) and Karlsruhe (2013).