Why Don't We Wagner (Wien, 2013)

Why don’t we is a monumental projection on a large silo in Stavanger. The projected „silent movie“ will be a computer-generated composition of different animated scenes involving real time information from the social network the Twitter. The Twitter statements will be used as titles for the coming scenes like it used to be applied in the old silent movies. The city of Stavanger will experience an innovative visual-poetic silent movie relating to the place where oil is the main trigger for the economic and social dynamics.

This data driven narrative film format also reflects on the global developments, contexts and complexities as well on ubiquitous interconnections of parallel events. What is coursing all the events is not recognizable anymore. The global existence of the humanity is entering a new dimension.

The project has its origins in our previously created works Falling Times and Garden of Error and Decay. It is using specially developed technology - a complex software tool (CHAIM).