Delvaux's Dream (1998-99)

Delvaux’s Dream


Installation: projector, cameras, motion-tracking-software, motion-tracking-interpreter-software (Prag), painting-model, blue-screen-room, screen,

Delvaux’s Dream

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

The technical-philosophical project idea of ​​“Delvaux's Dream” is based on the dream to enter a painting. Bielicky receives the produced@-grant of the ZKM for this purpose, which he redesigns in cooperation with Bernd Lintermann and Torsten Belschner into the Virtual Set research cluster (1999-2000). Following “Delvaux's Dream”, “Room With A View” is being commissioned by Volkswagen AG for the “Autostadt Wolfsburg” as a follow-up project to this research project. “Delvaux's Dream” chose the world of Belgian artist Paul Delvaux as a starting point and displayed classical architecture and female figures. Reconstructed with the help of digital technologies, the painting is now accessible. Chroma key technology and a complex tracking interpreter system allow the viewer to virtually penetrate the picture landscape. The result can be described by the term "observed immersion", since the event was also visible to other visitors through a live broadcast in the atrium of the ZKM.