Lost Objects (Prag, 2015)

Lost Objects


Data-driven installation: software (Flash), projectors, transparent mosquito nets


Lost Objects

National Theater, Prague

In December 2015, the opera "Lost Objects" was premiered at the National Theater in Prague. The opera deals thematically with loss in all its forms, from everyday objects to irreplaceable spiritual things. Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter create a contemplative and out-of-time scenery with their narrative software, which is characterized above all by the possibility of a complete immersion. The boundless, algorithmic indeterminacy and yet intended universal validity of the pictographic narrative visually reinforces the theme of the existential loss of all material and immaterial goods. Through the banishment of the singers behind the projection surfaces and their merely schematic visibility as well as the renunciation of other human protagonists, the opera reaches its full interpretation sovereignty in interaction with the schematic narrative: Everything is lost or will inevitably be lost in the near future.