The Name 1990

One can walk through the spiral like through a tunnel. At the end oft hat tunnel is a black sphere (the somewhere). A small TV transmitter transmits the information (in the form of a flame) to the carrier, the spiral, and the receivers (TVs). Information always moves through time and space in the same form. It always has the form of the spiral. The sounds of human language move through space in the same way as our solar system moves through the universe. We store information on a computer disc in a sprial form, as we do on a videotape.

Michael Bielicky


The Name (1990), which is technically akin to Menorah/Inventur (the small televisions are receivers for a video source nearby, fire and screens are intertwined as a symbol of and a mean of communication), is the perfect balance of technical expertise and historic cultural mystery. Bielicky unmasks technology as one Metanarrative among many.

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